At Advantage MRI, we are proud to offer ultrasound testing to our patients. Ultrasound is a medical procedure that uses sound waves to obtain a medical image of various organs and tissues within the body. It is a safe, painless, and effective diagnostic procedure. The information provided by ultrasound is beneficial for allowing physicians to see within the body and examine internal motions such as heartbeat, blood flow, and abdominal disorders. Ultrasounds can also be a safe and effective way to check and monitor a baby’s health and development throughout pregnancy.

The length of an exam will vary depending on the information requested by your doctor; however, the average appointment takes between 30-60 minutes. During the appointment, you will be asked to lay on an examination table and a gel will be applied to the area being examined. The sonographer, a technician who specializes in ultrasound, will use a small device to move over the area being examined. These images are then viewed on a television monitor and are often taped or photographed for further examination. After the exam, these results will be discussed with your doctor to then aid in making a proper diagnosis.

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